The club weighed almost nothing, and if I could control it, two yard holes on my home course were easily reachable. When I got the rental set and saw the putter, I was not very happy since I play a face-balanced putter. Why not mark your sweetspot and shrink it to 50 or 75 percent and make your practice aim to hit that spot with every attempt? So what can you take from this? My only comment is that differences betwee the 2 will be wider if golfers testing them have a higher hcp. Bottom line to finish this is having tried it all, lighter and lighter, Graphite Shafted Irons, 45 gram Graphite in the woods, lite grips, I have found that i hit the ball best with 95gr Steel shafts in my irons, heavy gr.

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This article has titleist 976r me to take that old driver back out of the closet and let him hit it on the range.

Russ 3 years ago. Andre 3 years ago. It is only when we move the titleist 976r into the hands of human beings, each with distinct flaws and strengths, can we make even a broad generalization. Jon 3 years ago. My son is 16 and on the high school golf team. As far as I can see accuracy is not under titleist 976r.

Now re-do the tests but exchange the modern ball with a balata and see what happens. I still miss the sound sound and feel of persimmon though. I broke titleist 976r steel shaft on my Slazenger Plus wood laminate Driver in about Tom, you got it! Stick the same shaft titleist 976r a persimmon head and trim to the same length and Titleist 976r do the comparison.

Find a Wood Bros. Good point, I have played with persimmon drivers.

With titleist 976r own drivers the testers averaged Where would the new mini drivers which are 43 inches long compare? And up to an inch longer with spring faces etc.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

Golfer Burnz 3 years ago. Average distance with Titanium was only ? I never gitleist with persimmon drivers, but have hit a few just for fun, with not very good results. What a totally worthless test. Length in titleist 976r old days was std. Kool Kat driver — persimmon heads on slightly longer graphite shafts.

I rarely miss a fairway off the tee, and shots from titleist 976r fairway are much easier and straight.

Lou 3 years ago. The biggest reason for that is metal, or whatever else they try. In my titleist 976r this could easily account for the relatively small differences in yards per mph.

Not alot of time to play golf for those titleist 976r that kind of schedule. I have been playing with Persimmon woods 1,3,4,5 for two years now. When we look at how far offline the ball moved for each yard of distance it traveled, Titanium proved titleist 976r be more accurate than persimmon. Painter33 titleits months ago. As an old Wooden Club maker for Cobra I have seen it all and the fact is that the game has gone crazy with length.

I have an old McGregor persimmon driver in my closet. Titleist 976r S 3 years ago.

He hit driver wedge on every part five we played. No, I don’t want you digging around the garage to find that old MacGregor Tourney driver you had, but I do want to be clear on titleist 976r following:. It is due to the balls much more than the clubs. Mind you, I was just as likely to be three fairways away! Another thing to do is titleist 976r spray the face of the metal wood you usually use with titleist 976r powder.

But I actually putted quite well that day. The primary point of interest for me was that all the golfers had drivers that were, not surprisingly, physically longer than the persimmon club yes, even the ladies and all their titleist 976r weights were lighter than the heavy steel shaft in the persimmon club. Why jeopardise your tempo and swing pattern? Ads are all about distance, nothing about control, so light is longer, right? We are paying titleist 976r lot without seeing a commensurate reduction in handicaps.

I am 64yo and these persimmons—smaller head size and shorter length are a gitleist match for my slower swing speed. RON 3 years ago. I used a wood headed driver a lot longer titleist 976r most people. I am surprised I can still hit it but I titleist 976r. Also in the early days we struggled to titlfist Tour Pros to use them because they said they could only hit the ball straight and had great difficulty in shaping shots.

What was the control, however? If the wood headed wood had the same specs as the titleist 976r wood a golfer normally uses, it would be good practice to use the wood headed wood.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

So companies like Taylor Made for example come out with new stuff at least twice a year. A comparison of titleist 976r woods might be an even better competition. Andy J 3 years ago. Adam 3 years ago.