NET application that you want to run. It was the easiest way to code this application. Well, further investigations using more tools. The good news is that it does sound like you want to move whole keys. I just wanted to say thank you for making this program. Euro and Dollar symbols? BT8x8 based remote AverTvStudio remote, may work for other bt8x8 cards.

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2e hands produkten, een verstandige keuze?

Randy, My keyboard broke and was replaced with an old one, without the Win key. Should be invisible to SharpKeys and Windows … either should work fine. I made a typo: Seems like Windows 10 supports many keys currently not registered in the app, even some that look like are already there, such as App: I downloaded it but it looks as if it only transposes functions between keys.

Hi again Randy — I just read all the above posts and I think I found logitech ultrax media keyboard of my answers: I had to map the keys logitech ultrax media keyboard to get things working.

Now my timeouts added the same comment three times. I have one active Control key on the right with the left one disabled. If I had to guess logitecu you install a new version of iTunes logitech ultrax media keyboard a keyboard driver since this stopped working?

Logitech Drivers Download Center

The placement of certain keys was creating issues for me and screwing with my productivity. Previous Post SharpMT 3. Sounds like you re-mapped the arrow keys to use zx. Windows is remapping the keys, not SharpKeys — further, check the Power control panel app and see if you can define the behavior of the Sleep button there.

It could be a coincidence but just after downloading the zip version logitech ultrax media keyboard link at the top of http: The only thing that he can try is booting to Safe Mode, run SharpKeys and remove all the logitech ultrax media keyboard.

If you install it and run the Designer program, ultraz a normal key to the empty canvas, right-click on the key and select Record Keystrokes, click New and then you can record keystrokes at a very low level. Same goes for the F REG file for all keys.

Hard to say without knowing the game, but I think the best logitech ultrax media keyboard in this case would be to replace the keyboard.

Logitech Driver Downloads – PC Pitstop Driver Library

With USB, not so much. Just wanted to say thanks for the software, makes using Windows much easier. I am not gettings this program to work for some strange reason…. Do you have the 2. The Logitech ultrax media keyboard Bilingual keyboard on my new lappy was driving me crazy with the half size left shift and enter key, but a little remapping with sharpkeys ulttax the universe is in order again, thanks.

Logitech ultrax media keyboard there any way to make it work?

I tried remapping them manually with regedit, but got stumped on the scancodes ids i. I want to SWAP the and keys.

NET Application, you can specifically target a version of runtime you wish to use. Thank you so much making this program!

But, I and all my colleagues only want to change the comma on the numeric keypad to a dot. Are they just not reachable via Windows registry? I can keep my old keyboard with the worn off letters after all! Thank your for the answer. This program would be way more useful with the option to save various setups. Overall, Notepad has a bigger chance of causing a BSOD than SharpKeys does, especially since this logitech ultrax media keyboard the first report of this type of issue logitech ultrax media keyboard I was hoping to update the registry logitech ultrax media keyboard my first time run to create the shortcut?

Any ideas on how I can disable it so I can get into Windows on my desktop.? There is no way to remap half the key. My OS is Windows 7 Home bit.

One of these is Shutdown and the other is Sleep key when I type it to map and should be mappable but computer still goes into sleep. Medis Randy, Great program. Is SharpKeys reading the ScanCode of the key being typed corectly? logitech ultrax media keyboard

I changed the duplicitous back-slash to another … Life is better now, and I thank you. Randy, is it possible to re assign a key several times? At least not in most cases: