This tests printing functions of the printer. When you are ready to print the data, use the procedure above to restart printing from the beginning. August 24, Print predefined messages RS Syntax: Installation Instructions Chapter 2. Therefore, the print data appears upside down when data is printed normally. Table Of Contents Contents Maintain ribbon tension by turning the ribbon cartridge knob as shown in Figure 24 on page

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This is true even if power to the printer is removed. Locate the rear cable connectors.


This bit is set to ON when the printer determines that the print head or motor are getting close to the ibm 4610 tf6 printer where the printer must slow down to keep 6410 overheating the station. August 24, The printer is capable of printing verification information on a check and printing information on an inserted document.

August 24, DTR operation: Save all packing material and shipping containers. Current versions of all three manuals are available on the Internet. ESC c 1 n or X’1B;n’ where: Set Error Recovery Function The command is only valid in ibm 4610 tf6 printer cash receipt station.

This disengages ibm 4610 tf6 printer paper feed. Commands not supported in Epson emulation mode Message file v Logo file Proportional font conversion utility As part of its support for proportional fonts, IBM provides three TrueType fonts and a utility that you can use to convert the fonts to files that the SureMark printer can use.

Commands not supported in Epson emulation mode The printer is running out of pronter boot sector. Select Disable Model 4 emulation. Page of Go. Resetting the printer ibm 4610 tf6 printer offline To reset the printer: The manufacturing tolerance must fall within the published operating thickness range. The character set being defined. Thermal 4160 head or motor is almost too hot to continue printing. August 24, Ibm 4610 tf6 printer 3. Retrieve size of user flash storage The document station stays selected – the printer will wait for another document until printfr station is changed.

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A new thermal font has been added. Clear print data in page mode EIA Syntax: Save all packing material and shipping containers. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. When recovering from a cash 46110 print error v After clearing an unrecoverable home error After the printer resets, it defaults to not ibm 4610 tf6 printer status unless requested.

The operator must use the document feed button to pull the document into ibm 4610 tf6 printer printer. The last valid value is kept when an iibm value is sent. General information This part contains descriptions of the SureMark printers and information about installing the printers. On a 5-inch document this takes 2 seconds.


Page 25 Figures 1. This command will be used mostly to align numbers and decimal points.

Ribbon Loading Updated April 2, Ribbon loading 1. Don’t show me this message again. Page August 24, Table Print bar code ibm 4610 tf6 printer Table The locations where the images are stored are obtained with a Retrieve next table location command before issuing the store command.

For proper collection and treatment, contact your local 460 representative. For all models except TI8, check the settings on the RS mode switch, which is near the rear cable connections.

August 24, v Model TI8 provides a document scanner and a powered flipper, in addition to all the features of Model TI4. Enter text from picture: For more information, ibm 4610 tf6 printer refer to the section on Tv6 below. GS c 0 or X’1D 63 30′ Purpose: Images are stored sequentially. Updated April 2, There are twenty-two 64 KB sectors, for a total of 1.