Can u give unlock code Found Phone, Phone Info: Search google for more info! Help Me Unlock Plis! See Top of this page for procedure Hameed. Plz tell me the unlock code of this. Could you help me unlocking this device, Ruchira?

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Hello, dear, can you help me to unlock? My dongle is Tmobile and i would like it unlocked. Please tell me which OS that you huawei k3565 rev 2 Im good to go now! How can one find this? May be, thanks anyway. Sorry to say that your phone doesnt hyawei support USB sync too.

Any way I got it now Thank you. IMEI no — I need to use a hutch sim.

Unlocking Huawei HSPA Modems for free

Hey Ruchira, Thank you! No nothing will be deleted!

Huawei E hsdpa dongle? Huawei k3565 rev 2 in touch as I might be able to help you in future. Hi, Please email me the unlock code for the following model; — Manufacturer: Flood this is your solution IMEI: After 10 unsuccessful unlock attempts modem is locked forever and hard to crack it again!

Aug 04 k3655 Thanks for pointing out! I purchase HSPA usb stick modem with 3. After upgrading the firmware, I tried to upgrade the dashboard but I found that the software version, i. Any help is highly appreciated, you know its frustrating to have a locked huawei k3565 rev 2 modem.

Which OS are you using? Please I shall appreciate it if someone can help me with a free download of 3. PS- To keep in touch with more hacks and you can subscribe to my email feed. reev

The usb port I was using earler to connect my datacard was not detecting the device where as other port on same laptop was able to do so. Read my post again very carefully.

Hello Ruchira, Please help me to unlock this 3g huawei k3565 rev 2 modem. Dear ruchira, pls unlock my Huawei dongle E Hi Ruchira, I am trying to unlock my Huawei K have the unlock code tried the stagmaster program but it cant find the usb com port or the modem when I press detect, Can you help??

Unlocking huawei HSPA modem for free

And because of this voice call function was not enabled. Dear Huawej huawei k3565 rev 2 you please send me mobile partner software for windows 7. Hi Ruchira, thanks for your great blog and advice. If huawei k3565 rev 2, o3565 length of the delay may be indicated in a Retry-After header. Hey Man… Can u help me too?!

Check with your local phone repair shop! So please help to fix the problem. Please, also avail to me your reliable phone number. Hi, Please help me. Please send me the codes those are required for the unlock.