I guess not in LCD connector where those thin wires are? Take a look at the step Is it attached to the motherboard, meaning I have to replace the whole motherboard? Many thanks for your help. At the same time try unscrewing it. Unplug the finger scanning device cable from the motherboard. They also make a mg version.

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Drill the screw until the head is gone. It dims the screen in a dark environment and brightens it when you are in an area with lots of light. The warranty expires next month.

I was able to replace my motherboard easily…. Why would you replace individual keys? My hp compaq 8510p pci serial port set it up so that it wouldnt boot from CD, he didnt use our typical admin password and now im trying to reload the machine. If 810p works for any other model, I would pi if you mention the model name in the following comments.

My lcd screen has some issues. What could be the problem? Pot pull the video card from the slot by the edges. They also make a mg version. I hp compaq 8510p pci serial port having some graphics problems with my laptop compaq wthese comprise rectangluar artifacts across the screen, intermittant flickering and frequent screen freeze and crash.

Hi there i am confused about one thing in hp p laptop if you see down the screen there is a big hp write.

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Is there any easier way to get to this point on the board? I cannot tell where to install the Bluetooth module.

I have a HP compaq nx laptop which is almost identical to this. Did you check the AC adapter. Plus, what would be the best or better video card for my laptop.

Probably this is screen auto-brightness sensor.

How to disassemble HP Compaq 8510p

Hp compaq 8510p pci serial port for providing this resource. Hi Tech Guy, First of all, thanks for the clear step-by-step manual. I sincerely thank you for taking the time and effort to make it all simple for so many of us. Anybody experience with this? First I want to thank you for this article. Remove five screws securing the display hinges two from the left hinge and three from the right hinge.

Many thanks for your help. Searching the Gateway site, I managed to find out that my Mxx series support a Bluetooth 2. This is a great resource. The explanation is crystal clear and flawless.

And sometimes LCD is normal for few moments, co I think it is hp compaq 8510p pci serial port wrong with contact. I stuck a memory stick duo adapter into the SD slot, thinking it ;ci work. Lots of 8-pin chips on the board, but nothing jumps out — no version label, etc. I have an p I need to replace the lcd screen I boot up and it turns white, is there a video or steps to do that? Apply some pressure with your thumb on the switch cover right above the spot where problematic screw is located.

Instead of buying compqq expensive motherboard, you can buy an external USB card reader. Simply remove one screw securing the hard drive, slide it to the left and remove it from the case. Greetz and respect for your hp compaq 8510p pci serial port.

Also, take check out the service manual. I changed the power connector and nothing. Can I replace the graphics card for my HP Compaq s?

Hi, First I hhp to thank you for this article. The orange screw securing the touch pad. Dakujem za tuto stranku a informacie ktore su velmi uzitocne. My laptop is connected to a power source in stead of the normal power supply.